The Mangata Water Villa

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Luxurious Floating Villa

GWS luxurious masterpiece, The Mangata Water Villa - Bintan. A super exclusive and luxurious villa on the sea to enjoy the fullness of life. The Mangata will be the world's first super luxury resort complete with its upscale facilities. You will be spoiled by the atmosphere of the sparkling blue sea and ther magnificent view of Seven Wonders of the World. Worldwide known landmark are ready to welcome you as a symbol of happiness and harmony.

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The Mangata Water Villa

(Diamond Class Hotel)

Luxury Furniture

Luxury villa with furniture blend of natural materials and modern style.

Super Luxury View

The most beautiful scenery of South China Sea, will impress you and don't want to leave.

Private Boat Parking

Equipped with a private boat dock, further add to the luxury of its own.

Infinity Pool

Private swimming pool merges with the sea, it will feel a swim in the ocean.

Whirlpool Jacuzzi

Adding perfection in self-indulgence, with private jacuzzi.

Private Bar

Has a private bar in each unit, so you can freely express your happiness.

Private Booggie Car

Each unit has a boogie car, to enjoy every vehicle in Mangata Water Villa.

Airport Shuttle Bus

No need to worry about transportation to the airport, we provide a shuttle bus service for all customers mangata water villa.

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2 years fixed passive income @10% / year | Free maintenance | Fully furnished | 200% capital gain | Limited units available | Free stay 30 points per year




- 15 minutes to berakit International Port
- 40 minutes to International Airport
- 50 minutes to downtown Tanjung Pinang

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